New rules: St. Pauli is against sexism

Second division FC St. Pauli is strong against sexism in football. In cooperation with the protest organization “Pinkstinks”, the neighborhood club is putting out a set of rules for the stadium.

The brochure is aimed primarily at advertising partners and sponsors of the association and defines characteristics of sexist advertising.

“In addition, we also want to kick-start the discussion with all visitors to the stadium,” said Club President Oke Göttlich. “Because we too at FC St. Pauli must constantly question ourselves on the subject of sexism and homophobia in the conflict zone of this special, heterogeneous district and despite clear regulations in our stadium rules and send a signal against exclusion and devaluation of people.”

The initiative is considered a self-obligation, “as a sports club in the future even clearer and more consistent to stand up for a colorful, tolerant world,” it says in a press release.

St. Pauli is thus according to own data the first association of Germany, which shows a clear guideline of sexist discrimination also in the area of the marketing the red card.

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