Transfercoup: Bayern Munich obliged DFB duo

Bayern has strengthened its women’s team high-profile: The Munich signed for the upcoming season, the two national team players Laura Benkarth and Lina Magull from Bundesliga rivals SC Freiburg.

The 25-year-old goalkeeper Benkarth signed a two-year contract until June 30, 2020, midfield ace Magull even through 2021.

“It should always be a goal for the top clubs of the Bundesliga to bundle German national players in their own club and to hold them in Germany, which is an essential aspect of our strategy,” said Bayern manager Karin Danner. They wanted to “support the long-term women’s football in Germany and accompany the national team with good cooperation.”

Meanwhile, the Munich women have to give up several weeks on Jovana Damnjanovic. The Serbian national player suffered a rupture of the anterior syndesmosis and a tear in the back and has already undergone surgery.

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